MC studios is our Genesis token. Blue coins represent Studio One and Yellow coins represent Studio Two.

Each CITZN token represents a membership to one studio. Studio members actively participate in the production process together with the Main Studio crew. 

This participation goes beyond voting and extends into the realm of co-creation and real collaboration using Design Thinking and Open Innovation technology. CITZNs that contribute will be able to claim fractional proportion of current and future productions from all studios in the format of $STRY coins.

CITZN of one Metaverse


The CITZN token grants holders participation on the CITZN Studios, fractionalized ownership on productions, early mint opportunities for Premiere Tokens and access to premieres. Check CITZN utility.


All the benefits of the CITZN token, plus CITZN_x holders have full exposure with one Premiere Token claim at every premiere. Holders can also sponsor talents to CITZN_Ti , get VIP perks at premieres and backstage access to productions.


The CITZN_k can’t be minted. K’s are given as a token of recognition for outstanding Metaverse contribution. They carry the same utility as CITZN_x tokens. People receiving K’s have in common amazing stories.

MC Studios are currently available on OpenSea.

The CITZN coin genesis.

The craft of JohnnyBel is in full display on the CITZN coin, a masterpiece digital sculpture that was chosen to be the representation of the _METACITZN universe utility. In his own words:

”The inspiration for making the coin designs came from classic pirate tales, treasure hunting, old skull designs, and Mayan motifs. My idea was to make something that had contemporary appeal and related symbolically to the Metaverse, and yet reminded us of long-lost deep-dive shipwreck treasures. In other words, something I would love to hold in my hands, show my friends and tell its story while they gasp!”

— JohnnyBel (@johnnybel)


Part one, CITZN Studios.

CITZN Studios Mechanics